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Alternative display content

You may be wondering why you may need this function, I find trying to make my text stay formated correctly can be difficult when it wraps around a featured image at times it will break in unwanted areas making it look out of place , This option prevents the text from doing just that, It keeps the text formated into one continuous column keeping your page nice and tidy.There is also a move to center option that increases the right and left margins to bring content closer together.

This is also useful for e-commerce sites

About edge for newsmod

With its amazing ability to be altered in just a few clicks you can change its appearance to fit any desired format,
From photography to business from personal to news magazine newsmod has what it takes to work with all of your sites.

Using the latest css3 techniques and a wide array of tools, Newsmod delivers a fast user friendly experience that is sure to please even the most experienced blogger. The initial setup using the options panel is made simple using a point and click interface for all the basic website styles and functions,from the options panel colors,fonts,sidebars and many other options are available. After you style your blog just the way you like it you are free to focus on your quality content.